Usage of this Site

“How to Post”

When you post at “Add & Edit” page in “Posts” page, the posts will be shown in the page.

There are block elements in the editing column of the post text and you can insert letters, HTML document, image, movie by adding the block. In a movie block, you can insert a link of movie in movie sites including YOUTUBE as well as a movie file.

Each post can get a category attribute and you can choose and set a category by setting. There are “Gamer Results” for a gamer to show his achievement, “Play Movie” for a gamer to show his play movie, “Recruit” for a client to recruit gamers, “Business Results” for a client to show his achievement and “Profile Post” that profile page shows the contents in the post. The title and thumbnails of the post are introduced in each place by setting a category.
In addition, you can set detailed work contents including the work location in “Recruit” category. When you choose “Recruit” category and draft & save a post, you become able to read “Work Contents” from a “custom field template”. After having read it, select and input on each item. And then the setting is reflected.

Furthermore, you can set a thumbnail image from “Featured Image” in the setting column.
When you insert a link of movie in movie sites including YOUTUBE in “Featured Video” in the setting column, the movie is played on the thumbnail. When you set a movie file in “Featured Video”, one image is cut from the movie and set as a thumbnail image.

“How to Pay”

You can perform the payment from the lower part of the user page “home” of each user. Please note the ID of the user not to choose a different user by mistake.